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Within AGBC and Aguilar Portilla association, we have more than 27 years delivering intelligent solutions to large, medium and small companies in Investment Banking and Family Office.


  • We advised a hotel group in the sale of its timeshare portfolio.
  • We advised in the private placement of shares for a golf club.
  • We valued and designed financial formulas for expansion and advised on the sale of an industrial park.
  • We promoted the sale of a property with potential for a clinic.


  • We play a critical role in facilitating the process as well as identifying key aspects which might require special attention.
  • In a process of acquisition we coordinate the purchase audit (“Due Diligence”).


  • Often we support individuals, families, companies or groups of investors in the sale of private companies, divisions or special assets.
  • A timely divestiture decision can be critical in the successful management of a portfolio as an acquisition.

Identification of strategic alliances

  • We assist in the development of criteria for joint ventures.
  • The synergies we envision for our customers detonate the search and identification of potential candidates.
  • We stand behind the selection of the best ally and, where appropriate, in the imple- mentation of the alliance.

Follow-up management for shareholders

  • This requirement may be related to succession aspects as well as preparation for a subsequent sale.
  • We help clients who require professional support in their business to continue the development of their companies.

Valuation for companies

  • Our independent and objective approach ensures a high satisfaction for our clients.
  • Our valuation exercises have high credibility; they become excellent tools for making a decision when considering the industry in question.

Corporate finance strategy

  • We promote the private placement of shares and capitalization through risk investment funds.
  • For those companies that want to access the markets of securities, Aguilar, Portilla y Asociados advises them in both the previous tasks and the selection of the intermediary.

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