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Global Investment Solutions

AGBC was founded with the purpose of offering professional advice and global investment solutions for Institutional and High Net Worth clients.

We have learned in our 40 years of experience that the best way to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns while navigating the global investment world is by carefully studying the different situations we may encounter. Sometimes there are tailwinds and sail comfortably. Sometimes the wind is against our objective and we know we have to be careful and row hard.

We have learned that fear is not a good counselor

Once we have done our homework we navigate with confidence knowing it’s a long term strategy and patience is required.

Our strategy is global

Diversification and risk management play a key role.  Therefore our strategy  is multi-country, currencies, sectors and across different asset classes.


It’s a fact, the future is unknown!

Everybody makes an effort to understand the best way to invest. A big difference is that we invite you to come onboard and enjoy the voyage with us.

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