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Investment Strategy

» Our Philosophy

The investment approach represents a collaboration between the portfolio team, who are responsible for setting the top-down asset allocation framework and the specialists who are responsible for bottom-up idea generation.

Investment process

Our investment process requires patience, discipline and a long term view to fully take advantage of the compounding effects.


We aim for attractive risk-adjusted returns.

But investing isn’t necessarily about earning the highest return, because the highest returns tend to be one-off hits that can’t be repeated. It’s about earning returns that you can stick with, and which can be repeated for the longest period of time.


Skin in the game

All the partners co-invest in AGBC’s investment strategies aligning the company with our client’s interests.

» Quantitative Tool

AGBC has deployed a quantitative selection method based on several fundamental metrics.

This tool ranks the set of metrics that measure growth, profitability, leverage, current vs historical valuation, valuation vs peers, and shareholder policy.

On top of this, we use a third-party quantitative tool that implements adjustments in order to provide a “clean assessment” of a company’s operating performance relative to peers, considering the different reporting standards, accountancy methods, as well as taking into account exogenous variables like inflation, discount rates and country risk premia.

» Investment Themes

We have identified longer term investment opportunities that we consider will benefit from structural shifts that we foresee will have irreversible consequences for different businesses, industries and countries.

The awareness of these “megatrends” or investment themes offers real insights into different sectors, which we expect to fully develop over a five to ten year horizon, mostly regardless of the economic cycle.

Some of these growth opportunities are related to technological breakthroughs, ageing population, environmental challenges, and regional economic hubs.

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