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Investment Approach

We genuinely believe that the only way to align with our clients’ interests is by sharing the risks and benefits. 

That’s why we co-invest with all our clients. Skin in the game!

We focus on achieving good quality risk-adjusted returns, preserving our capital in the long run, with emotional discipline, patience, deep business analysis, an understanding of the economic and financial market’s conditions.

We do not believe
in shortcuts

So we ignore the short term noise and concentrate in selecting the best quality investments. Partnering with top tier managers and advisors.

We plan for the next five to ten years ahead

Discipline is crucial for long term success and the ability to sustain an investment philosophy, stay true to our core values, principles and criteria is equally important.  

We look for investment opportunities without ignoring that we must be constantly vigilant and take action if needed. But never forget the power of long term investing. 

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